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The Easiest Way to Sell Your House

How We Make Offers

If you have a good house in a great neighborhood, we’ll make you a terms offer. That means we’ll make a payment toward the house. If you have a mortgage we can pay the full mortgage payment on your behalf including the taxes and insurance, you won’t have to pay anything and we’ll own the house. If you don’t have a mortgage then we can make a monthly payment directly to you and you’ll have completely passive monthly income deposited in your account each month. 

With a terms offer, it’s all about the monthly payment. If the monthly payment is low enough that we can put a renter in the property and cashflow a little bit each month after considering maintenance, repairs and management, then we can pay full market value for the property.

If you own the house free and clear, we’ll make an offer that includes a payment that allows us to make a little cashflow and we can offer pay at least full market value for the property.

If you have a large amount of equity there are a few options. You could opt to take out a second mortgage on the property to get your equity out, or if you don’t need your cash right away we can pay your equity out in full in a few years.


Wake Robin Street – Mortgage

Military member bought a house, got orders out of the area a year later. He had recently bought the house, tried to sell it for more than what he bought it for, but realized that after paying real estate agents and closing costs he would be losing money. He couldn’t sell it for the high price and got a couple low offers but would have to come out of pocket several thousands of dollars just to sell the house. Instead of losing money on the house he contacted us. We were able to take over the payments on his mortgage and he was able to sell without paying any money out of his pocket.

Bancroft Road – Free & Clear

Owner was a landlord and tired of the late night phone calls, missed payments, and move outs. Seller owned the house free and clear, no mortgage. The house was listed on the market for X days. It went pending twice but fell through both times. The first buyer’s financing fell through and the second buyer got spooked because of a possible foundation issue on the inspection report which was later cleared by a specialist. We paid her full asking price for her house on terms and now she gets a consistent income payment every month and doesn’t have to worry about tenants or if anything happens to the house, the money is simply deposited in her account on the first of every month.

"Friendly and easy to work with, would definitely work with them again."

– Scot Lijana

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