We Are KeySolvers!

We are trusted home buyers in the US. We buy good houses in great neighborhoods on terms and rent them out providing safe, well maintained accommodations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide sellers with an easy, accessible alternative to listing their home that is just as profitable as selling on the market without the hassle.

The KeySolvers Story

We set out to create a world where selling your home for an excellent price is not only easy, fast, and convenient but also realistic. You won’t have to worry about lengthy closing processes, disruptive home tours or showings, inspections, or appraisals.


Where most fast-cash home buyers look to give you a rock-bottom offer for properties that likely need significant work, KeySolvers takes a different approach. Our focus is paying reasonable prices for homes in above-average condition and acting fast to get our clients out from under properties that are holding them back from living the lives they envision for themselves.


While we offer cash for homes that need repairs and might be challenging to sell in a traditional market, the buyers who choose KeySolvers typically have lovely homes in good areas and are simply ready to sell quickly without a complex process. Our sellers don’t want the hassle of listing, showing, and having their home inspected while taking the gamble that the offer they accept will be approved and funded. They’re looking for relief from homeowner’s debt, from being a landlord, from owning a home they’re ready to leave, from being involved in the stressful and expensive real estate market, and, sometimes, relief from all of the above.


Our founder established KeySolvers while on active duty military orders deployed in Afghanistan. Since then we’ve grown exponentially and we’re well on our way to achieving our vision of becoming a household name with our minds set on nationwide expansion.


KeySolvers provides an essential service to people who don’t know that if you’re still paying off your home, selling your house doesn’t have to be complicated! Allowing us to take over your mortgage payments while we pay for your home in installments or make monthly payments to you for a home that you own outright means that you receive a guaranteed monthly income while deferring your tax burden across multiple years.


We handle all of the home-selling headaches to get you out of the market and onto your next home journey as fast as possible.


It’s that simple.


When you’re ready to finally leave the stresses of the unreliable, often cut-throat, real estate market behind and experience the ease and efficiency of selling your home to KeySolvers, fill out the contact form on our website and breathe a sigh of relief. We’re here to help.


"Dan and his team are first class. I felt comfortable partnering with them and they see that everything is taken care of accurately."

– Jeremy Greene

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